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The MD-03 metal detector is composed by a control unit, a sensor to install under the conveyor and a coaxial cable.

The control unit, compact (313x425x160mm) and protected (IP65) includes an input card, metal detector electronics and a small---------for a flexible input/output use and an easy personalization to fit the system to any customers.

In the control unit, a special panelboard is able to give you the following information:
- total alarm count
- last-24-hour-alarm count
- total machine stop count
- last-24-hour-machine stop

Other functions can be added on customer's request.


A precision oscillator generates a low-tension and high-frequency electromagnetic field which checks the bulk material. The transducer takes the perturbations generated by the passage of metal elements and it produces an alarm if they are higher than an intervention threshold. In this way you can detect objects big enough to cause damage to the system. On the contrary, it let the smaller and innocuous objects pass, avoiding useless stops.

At the maximum sensitivity, the MD-03 METAL DETECTOR is able to detect the presence of a M6 bolt.

(For more technical and application information on our complete range of metal detection systems, please fill in the technical form)

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