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The Md-01C METAL DETECTOR was created for mining use (quarries, ground handling, etc.) to prevent crusher and belt damage. The control unit has self-adjusting electronics housed in a durable, metal cabinet to fit automatically work conditions (temperature, metal elements near the sensor and so on ).

The installation doesn't need any particular equipment and you don't even have to open the conveyor belt and so it's very easy to set up and use.

Thanks to its self-adjusting feature, this metal detector can be operated in close proximity to motors, frequency converters, etc. without any problems, on condition that these systems are shielded and earthed.


The metal detector control unit (MD-UC-02) is placed in a strong polyester panelboard with double shutter, stiffened with fiber glass (protection IP65).
In the control unit you can find:

° a general rotary switch
° a green indicator lamp: indicates "ready" condition of detector in normal operation
° a red indicator lamp: indicates detection of metal
° an alarm reset button
° regulation knob of detection sensitivity
° instrument for signal visualization.

The metal detector compact design allows installation in almost any application.

The following input/output signals are available:
° input for remote alarm selector
° input for remote alarm reset button
° output for signal alarm (flash-light, siren, etc.)
° output for belt stop if the metal detector senses metal in the bulk material on the belt

The metal detector sensor, housed under the belt, is shielded in a sturdy plastic conduit . It's extremely easy to set up and use. The sensor size depends on the typology belt. That' why it's very important to fill in our technical form: we can get a customized solution for your specific application.

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